Go For No! Audio Book By Richard Fenton And Andrea Waltz}

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Many of us, if not all of us, have heard the word “no” throughout our lives, in many different settings. Authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz have discovered an entirely new way to turn those “nos” into promising and lucrative “pushes” to better ourselves in business, as well as in life. Normally, the word “no” brings thoughts of dejection and despair, however in Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How to Get There Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz teaches listeners to take that simple negative word and use it toward achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. Words are only as powerful as the individual makes them and through this delightful audio book, Go for No!, you will learn how to take the negative power from “no” and turn it into the utmost powerful and positive word you will ever hear or experience.

Read by authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz, Go for No! will captivate and hold listeners’ attention throughout the entire two CD collection. Told as a fictional story, Go for No! focuses on four days out of the life of Eric Bratton, wonderful husband and brother, not-so-wonderful copier salesman. Suffering fear of failure, Eric has an eye-opening experience, during which time he awakes one morning to discover all of the promises that the future will hold for him – including a dream house, if only he can get past the pain and constant worry of failure. If Eric can learn to take those fears and turn them into incentives and overcome his unconscious, self-limiting beliefs, the things that he will accomplish is astronomical.

How true this is in many lives, not just the fictitious Eric Bratton. Go for No! is a lesson, not only in business, but in life. Whether people self-limit themselves consciously or unconsciously, there is a lot to be learned through this short and entertaining story by Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz. Easy to understand and relate to, this audio book is unlike several self-help books out there on the market today. Books that aim to help but may seem more to preach or use uninteresting strategies to educate people how to overcome fear of failure and/or that preconceived evil word “no”. Go for No! educates while it entertains, allowing listeners to walk away feeling satisfied and with an entirely new outlook on life. Imagine the possibilities that lie before those who are willing to open themselves up to the idea of embracing any possible negativity and learning from it, charging through it, rather than having it stand in the way, like an obstinate roadblock, to success. Envision your life ten years from now. Will it be following the same road as the present, or will it be similar Eric Bratton who was lucky enough to get a peek into his life ten years down the road and the possibilities life holds, if he would only allow himself to smash through that wall of fear. Though it is far from easy to re-program and re-think your life and business strategies, the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Go for No! by Richard Fenton and Andrea Walz will help listeners to embrace their fear of failure and learn to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

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Two Lordi fans mugged while manager and bodyguard were shot at in Louisville, US

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It has been reported recently by Blabbermouth and DotMusic.com that two fans of Finnish theatrical hard rock band Lordi were robbed at gunpoint on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, United States and the band’s manager as well as a bodyguard were shot at. No-one was injured.

Following a gig in Louisville the band had split up, with three of the members going to a nearby bar for a drink. Lead vocalist Mr. Lordi, his wife, and keyboardist Awa had entered the tour bus, while manager Rikk Scholvinck and a bodyguard were escorting two fans towards the bus.

According to those at the scene, a van pulled up next to the bus and several youths emerged, at least one of which was carrying a gun. Mr Lordi describes what happened next: “One of the men with a gun took a fan, a girl, put the gun to her head and forced her to lie down on the ground. Also one of the boys froze on the spot while the others fled away, including Rikk and the bodyguard while another man started shooting at them. Luckily he missed and no one was hurt. Rikk ran to the bar and called the police who arrived soon. In a moment we were surrounded by like five police cars but the guys managed to escape. They were a group of drug addicts that had stolen the car earlier that night, and police were already looking for them but have still not managed to catch them.”

“The girl that was held at gunpoint is obviously very shocked. We did our best to comfort and calm her down, but one can only wonder what could happen when people start running around with guns and even using them! It is a bit amusing that the boy fan was just happy he didn’t lose the t-shirt he was wearing with all the autographs on it, even if they both lost everything else.”

Both the fans were given lifelong all access passes to Lordi concerts worldwide to compensate.

Lordi has had previous altercations with criminals in the US. Earlier this year the bus the band was using for their tour as part of Ozzfest was hijacked with several of the technical crew on board. During the same tour, two other fans were also robbed. “This was like a deja vú of that, once again we were surrounded by police cars and their flashing lights,” Mr Lordi commented.

Residents in Seattle, Washington will soon ride the ‘S.L.U.T.’

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Construction workers in Seattle, Washington located in the United States are nearing completion of a new light-rail trolley, but it is not the trolleys that are making the residents of the city laugh, it is the abbreviation that city officials designated for the new transit system.

The new transit system, South Lake Union Streetcar (SLUS) has had an unofficial change in its abbreviation to “S.L.U.T.” by local residents. Some have even designed and sold more than 100 t-shirts saying “Ride the S.L.U.T.”.

City officials admit that they were aware of the notion before they named the system, but did not care enough to rename it and didn’t give the acronym ‘streetcar’ to avoid the outcome. Officials say that streetcar sounded more modern than trolley.

The project, built by Vulcan Development, is costing US$50.5 million to build.

Obama commutes whistleblower’s sentence: Chelsea Manning to walk free in 120 days

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yesterday, mere days before he is to leave office, U.S. President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning from 35 years to time served. Manning, who in 2010 released thousands of classified documents to the public through WikiLeaks detailing abuses of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, has already served almost seven years in prison and is now scheduled for release on May 17 of this year

The information Manning released to the public through WikiLeaks and The Guardian in 2010 included diplomatic accounts, videos, military incident logs, and battle plans, including footage of an American Apache helicopter firing on suspected Iraqi insurgents, reports of prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay without trial, and records of detainees abused by the Iraqi military. Many in Congress have denounced Manning as a traitor, stating the breach endangered U.S. national security. Manning was convicted in 2013 of 22 charges, including espionage, but acquitted of aiding the enemy.

Republican senator John McCain, who ran for president against Obama in 2008, said “It is a sad, yet perhaps fitting commentary on President Obama’s failed national security policies that he would commute the sentence of an individual that endangered the lives of American troops, diplomats, and intelligence sources by leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive government documents to WikiLeaks, a virulently anti-American organization that was a tool of Russia’s recent interference in our elections.”

Not everyone has considered Manning’s actions to be wrong. “Chelsea Manning exposed serious abuses,” says Margaret Huang, executive director of the U.S. branch of Amnesty International, “and as a result her own human rights have been violated.” Huang went on to call Obama’s order for Manning’s release “long overdue.” Despite being a trans woman, Manning was housed in a men’s prison, the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She spent a long period in solitary confinement and attempted suicide twice in 2016.

Obama’s staff told the press WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s promise to agree to U.S. extradition if Manning was granted clemency had nothing to do with the decision. Assange is currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he is claiming asylum. He faces rape accusations from two Swedish women.

The Obama administration has seen what The New York Times calls an “unprecedented crackdown on leaks of government secrets.” Manning is among more than 1,500 individuals whom President Obama has granted clemency during his tenure. White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest was asked if NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would also be pardoned. Ernest said no, saying the information Snowden released was more dangerous to the U.S. public and pointed out that while Manning had gone through a formal trial and acknowledged wrongdoing, “Mr. Snowden fled into the arms of an adversary and has sought refuge in a country that most recently made a concerted effort to undermine confidence in our democracy.”

This week, Obama also commuted the sentences of Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican nationalist linked to bombings in the 1970s and 1980s, James E. Cartwright, a former Marine general and White House Chief of Staff convicted of lying to the FBI, and over two hundred other individuals, mostly drug offenders. He also pardoned 63 people outright.

How You Can Get Designer Bedding On A Budget}

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How You Can Get Designer Bedding On A Budget


The trouble with designer bedding is that it can set a person back an awful lot financially. Some of it can be so expensive just for one thing, such as a fitted sheet, which means if you buy it, you might not be able to get everything else that you need for the room. The secret to accomplishing a designer look on bedding is buying the key pieces first.

The best thing that you can do is to get a white comforter and sheets to start with and they can be what ever design that you like. It doesn’t really matter because if you accessorize with expensive designer bedding, you will really not notice it.

Make Your Own Designer Style Bedding

It may seem crazy, but making your own bedding can look extremely good without the massive price tag that is usually attached to designer bedding. If you are good at sewing by hand and using an iron, you could create the designer look that you have always wanted.

If you have seen lace designer bedding that you love but you cannot afford, you can still have it. It is quite easy to be able to attach lace to the hems and the edges of the bedding and you can pick from a range of different colors and styles to suit your tastes. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require the use of a sewing machine to attach the lace to the bedding. It can all be done by hand, stitching it to the sheets, pillow cases or anything else that you want it on.

If you would like to try something different, a good look that is easy to accomplish is using button flowers to add a bit of extra color.

So, as you can see, it can be quite simple to decorate your room with bedding that has a designer look and comes without the massive price tag attached to it. You just have to do a little research beforehand and that way, you will know what to do and how to do it. One of the best things about handmade bedding is that it is personal to you and it will add that little personal touch to your bedroom.

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Bedroom Designs and Decorations

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China, EU reach deal on textile import

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Monday, September 5, 2005

China and the European Union agreed to unblock 80 million pieces of Chinese textiles impounded at European ports. The deal was announced during a one-day EU–China summit in Beijing by Tony Blair, prime minister of the United Kingdom, which is currently holds the EU presidency, and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

According to the agreement, 50% of the impounded clothing will be allowed into the EU unconditionally, while the rest will be counted against 2006 quotas.

Today’s deal ended the so-called European–Chinese “bra wars”, which have split the EU member states: those with a strong retail sector support the agreement, while those with large clothing industries want to set up a protectionist policy against China.

The agreement now must be approved by the 25 EU members.

‘Top Model’ winner CariDee English on her modeling career and her battle with psoriasis

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Since winning the reality television series America’s Next Top Model in December 2006, CariDee English, a small-town girl from Fargo, North Dakota, was plucked from relative obscurity to be the new look for CoverGirl Cosmetics, the newest fresh face on the cover of Seventeen, and affiliated with the largest modeling agency in the world, Elite Model Management.

However, she feels her greatest accomplishment is being the spokeswoman for the National Psoriasis Foundation, in which she is a motivational speaker and gives encouragement to psoriasis sufferers. CariDee has even lobbied in Congress for the passage of a bill which would ask the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Institute of Medicine to increase spending on finding a cure for psoriasis. You can read more about her role with the National Psoriasis Foundation here.

Wikinews reporter Mike Halterman sat down and talked with CariDee earlier in the week to discuss her own issues with psoriasis, how she has helped other sufferers in her role as spokeswoman for the Foundation, as well as what it’s like to be a new model in New York City and her thoughts on how the fashion industry operates today.

This is the second in a series of articles with America’s Next Top Model contestants. Articles will be published sporadically.


  • 1 Intro and her Super Bowl pick
  • 2 From North Dakota to the big city
  • 3 On representing the National Psoriasis Foundation
  • 4 On her former photography work
  • 5 Top Model and her modeling career
  • 6 Looking back and what’s coming next
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Defy Limits With An Online Business}

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Defy Limits With An Online Business


The world is now becoming web-based, and almost everything are being mounted up on the World Wide Web. The Internet is now the way of the world. Are you on the right track? Are you ready for an Online Business?

Everything is now on the Internet. Banks are now e-banking, and more people are finding ways to earn money online. The world of marketing and commerce is not one to be left behind. With the Internet rising as the information superhighway”, marketing and commerce have now transformed into e-marketing and e-commerce. If you have a business, then you should definitely be in with the trend. It’s the only way for your business to survive, especially in the future, as we expect the Internet to become even more powerful. It’s time to turn your business into an online business.

YouTube Preview Image

There is no need to consider this option long and hard. There are plenty of benefits you will get from an online business. The Internet will account for faster and hassle-free transactions, especially with e-banking. More than that, since the Internet crosses boundaries, your online business will be everywhere and anywhere in the world. If you decide to go international, you can even build a customer base from other countries as well. Another advantage of an online business is that your business will be on the Web at all times. You can even make money as you sleep! The best thing is that you can avail of all these benefits and more at a lesser cost than your overhead and operation expenses for your actual business. So are you ready to start your online business now?

Here are some tips to turn your business into an online business. The most typical thing that companies first do when they decide to go online is to create an online presence through a website. Since people now turn to the Internet as the primary source of information, it is also likely that customers will turn to the Internet to look for something they want to buy, or information about a certain product. An online presence will certainly enhance a company’s image. Setting up a company website is not as easy as it seems. It’s not just about coming up with a site and filling it with images and text. Setting up a company website is part of your corporate marketing. Your site should reflect your company’s image, and should be properly conceptualized. Before you create a company website, make sure to read up on the subject a bit more.

Another option is to create an online store, or an online extension of your business. If you are selling something, dedicate a page in your website where people can actually order your products online. This will certainly help generate more sales, since anyone who just happens to come across your site is already a potential customer.

Another way to turn your business into an online business is to advertise on the Web. Even if you don’t want to offer your products for sale online, there is no reason not to advertise them on the Web. There are a lot of promotional products available online. You can choose to display banner ads, which can range from static ads to animated ones. You can also choose to post pictures or videos of your products in online forums. The Internet is a world of opportunities, with no known boundaries. Make sure you exhaust the opportunities out there.

Aside from the more typical methods of turning your business into an online business, there are some methods that bank on more specific Internet-based trends. One of these trends that have further enlarged the opportunities for e-commerce is blogging. Blogging has a wide following of Internet users. Companies, instead of just setting up a formal company website can also create a blog where the products can be discussed in a less formal or indirect manner of selling. A business blog can also contain stories and interesting trivia, which can make readers more interested in the products the company is selling. A business blog is also an easy way to know what people think about your products. Since people can easily leave comments on the blog, you will get the pulse of the people and you will certainly pick up helpful tidbits of information from these comments.

One of the reasons why the Internet became very powerful is its ability to break barriers. This ability will certainly help your business become more successful once you turn it into an online business. Put your business up on the Web and defy limits now!

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Online Business


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UK tabloid Daily Star pays libel damages to Ozzy Osbourne

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Daily Star, a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, has paid an undisclosed amount of libel damages to Ozzy Osbourne stemming from an inaccurate representation of his appearance at the Brit Awards.

Osbourne, famous for both his solo rock career and fronting the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, was hosting the show alongside wife Sharon and children Jack and Kelly. In an ensuing Star article titled “Ozzy Freak Show”, the 59-year old was portrayed as suffering from health problems that rendered his ability to host the show questionable.

The article claimed that he had collapsed twice before the show began, prompting the show’s organisers to enter emergency talks debating whether Osbourne was fit to continue as planned or instead should be withdrawn and hospitalised. It also reported that the singer had used an electric buggy to move around behind the scenes and had been designated a place to sit in case he felt tired. All of these allegations were found to be false.

At the settlement in London’s High Court, at which the Osbournes were not present, Kate Wilson, representing Express Newspapers, apologised for the article and accepted that it should never have been published. Express Newspapers owns the Daily Star.

Osbourne says that the money will go to his wife’s charity, the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

Demonstrators protest Condoleezza Rice’s trip to Australia

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anti-war demonstrators in Sydney, Australia on Thursday dubbed U.S. Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice a “war criminal” and “murderer.” Two protesters were evicted and five people were arrested during protests against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Dr Rice, on a three-day trip to Australia, said she understood why people found it hard to be positive about Iraq when all they saw on their television screens was violence.

Soon after Rice began her speech at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, two protesters shouted from the rear of the auditorium, “Condoleezza Rice, you are a war criminal,” and “Iraqi blood is on your hands and you cannot wash that blood away.” Standing with their palms towards her, the young man and woman repeated their accusation until security intervened to remove them from the hall.

About 15 minutes into Rice’s address, a third protester appeared at a balcony door, interrupting her speech as she referred to freedom. “What kind of freedom are you talking about? You are a murderer,” said the demonstrator before he was quietly escorted from the hall. “I’m very glad to see that democracy is well and alive here at the university,” she said.

In her speech, Rice sought to justify the U.S. occupation of Iraq, describing Iraqis as now more free. One student asked about abuses committed by U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. She said the abuses had made her “sick to her stomach.” However, she defended Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where human rights groups say detainees are held in inhumane conditions and in detention flouting international laws.

Before Rice began her speech, about 50 protesters were gathered at the front gates of the Conservatorium. The group were confronted by police on horseback and by police dogs. Police used the horses to charge into the group of activists and push them back, as a police helicopter hovered.

A police spokeswoman said the group was blocking pedestrian access to the building and that police had spent more than 20 minutes warning them to move. The police then moved in and pushed the crowd back 20 metres. Police say five people have been charged with “hindering police in the execution of their duties.”

The “Stop the War Coalition” says Rice is a “war criminal” and is not welcome in Australia. The group’s spokeswoman, Anna Samson, says the protest is one of many planned in the lead-up to the third anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq on March 20.

Paddy Gibson, from the University of Sydney’s Student’s Council, says the protest is in opposition to the Iraq war, and to the use of the University of Sydney’s campus to host Rice, “the most powerful woman in the world,” who they say is a war criminal. “They’re saying, ‘… you’ve got Sydney Uni’s support to stand up and peddle your murderous hate speeches,’ which is what we see it,” he said.

“You’ve got 180,000 people killed, as we said, for no other reason than strategic control of the region’s oil resources. And the anti-Muslim racism that’s been whipped up to justify this war is being felt by Sydney University students,” said Mr Gibson.