Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels}

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Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels


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With everyone so concerned about the environment these days there are more and more people thinking of ways that this can be done. One such thought is that of using hand dryers instead of paper towels as it will reduce the amount of paper that is winding up in the garbage. This is why there are more and more establishments installing hand dryers in their bathroom facilities. By using these they will see that they use far less paper towels then in the past. These results should show themselves in a very short period of time. Many of these are in the form of plastic but a person can get stainless steel hand dryers if they take some time and look around for them.

Chrome hand dryers are also an option that can give the facilities that they will be in a cleaner look and will be far more apt to withstand the test of time that they will be put under. These are proven to be far more durable then the plastic ones that are around. There are also many cheap hand dryers that can be found as well. Many of these are made of hard plastic and are not nearly as sturdy as the stainless steel and the chrome models. These can be the perfect option though for people that are on a tight budget.

When it comes to buying hand dryers using the internet can help you find many locations that sell these kinds of products. You can also find a lot of detailed information about the many different styles that they are available in. These specifications are what a person should look at if they are to make the best decision in what to purchase for the facility that they are installing them.

When it comes to hygiene products there are many different things that a person needs to take into consideration before making a purchase. Some of the crucial information needed would be the size of the room and the number of people that it will be accommodating. The price is also another important factor that people need to think about. Many of the hand dryers on the market can be quite expensive and some looking around may be in order if you are to find something that will fit your household’s income bracket.

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Creating A Cabin Feel In Any Space

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Submitted by: Jessica Ackerman

At the end of a long day, a relaxing mountain cabin escape would be the perfect answer to erase the stress and ease the mind. Unless you live in the mountains, or are independently wealthy enough to have a private plane fly you there every day after work, chances are that the closest you will get to a mountain cabin is the decor that you create in your own home. Thankfully, a cabin feel can be created in any space in any home to provide that sense of relaxation and peace that you crave. The ideas below will help get you started on creating your own mountain cabin retreat no matter where you live.

What Wood Would You Include?

Wood is an essential component of any cabin decor. Not only is it an easily accessible building material for actual cabins, but it also provides that rustic look that is so appealing. When creating a cabin feel in your space, it is important to include some of that wooden component in your decor. Large, light-colored, chunky pine is often the wood of choice and can be found in seating frames, tables, and accessories. In a bedroom, a wooden frame bed is a must for re-creating a cabin feel. The key is to use the wood appropriately in the furnishings and decor without going overboard. If you want to have wooden beamed ceilings, include a little less wood in other parts of the room’s design.

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French print fabrics would never be seen in a rustic cabin setting, and they should not be a part of your space’s decor. Instead, warm, rich colors with a Native American or rustic feel would make the space feel more realistic and cozy. Checkered prints and plaids are also popular, especially when done in rich reds, navy blues, and forest greens. Pastels and cold modern colors are usually not a part of cabin decor unless found in a vase of wildflowers on the coffee table.


The furnishings of the room should be comfortable with a natural feel. Dark brown leather is an elegant choice for cabin decor, but one that fits the bill of being both comfortable and natural in its design and styling. Cabins are a place of relaxation and conversation among friends, so it is important that the seating reflect that. Watch the arrangement of the furniture, as well. Group sitting areas together so that conversations can easily take place; be sure to offer plenty of table space for beverage and snacks. It’s critical to make the space feel welcoming and cozy.

Creating a cabin feel in any space can be done with the right accessories, wooden accents, and furnishings. There is a charm to cabin decor that will slowly infiltrate all spaces in your home until you have a cozy cabin retreat right in the middle of the city or town. Take the time to find the right pieces for your space to ensure that the cabin look works within your the space confinements.

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